Motorhome ECU Remapping

Quantum Tuning Certified

Power Increase

15-40% Average

MPG Increase

8-15% Average


We here at Parts 4 Motorhomes are Quantum Tuning certified and are based in Northern Ireland. We offer only the very best remapping files on the market.

Our files - Green (fuel saving) Blue (fuel saving & power increase) most common Red (all power related)

You can also have your EGR and DPF remapping out (Terms & conditions apply)

Dyno tested files offer the following - 15% - 40% extra power 8% - 15% improved MPG 30 day money back guarantee

Quantum Tuning is UKs largest remapping service and are in over 83 countries world wide. We are a market leader for ECU remapping across over 9000 vehicles such as Motorhomes, Cars, Van, Trucks and even jetskis.

For a Quote please just complete the form below or get in touch with your Registration and some vehicle details along with what your looking done. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Green File

Max fuel saving and efficiency.

Blue File

Fuel saving and increased power.

Red File

Maximum power output.

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